11 January, 2010

Are You a Hot Mama?

Hot mama or old maid? The birth of a child shouldn't mean the death of your sexuality. You can still be a hottie instead of a nottie. Take this quiz and see if you're still on fire.

 Which would you most likely use as a diaper bag?
a. This cute coach number I picked at the outlet
b. a traditional diaper bag with zoo animals on it
c. i refuse to carry a diaper bag
d. s smart backpack-type diaper bag

Which of the following shoes do you wear mostly?
a. sneakers
b. flip flops
c. stilettos
d. wedges
e. low heels

When you walk out of the house, your hair is..
a. hidden underneath a baseball cap
b. pulled back in a ponytail
c. looks good for the most part
d. appears as if you stepped out of a salon

On most days, your attire largely consists of..
a. dresses
b. t-shirts and short skirts
c. t-shirts and sweat pants
d. sexy blouses and jeans

How often do you shave your legs?
a. everyday
b. once a week
c. once a month
d. every few months
e. i don't even own a razor anymore

After a long day with your child, how do you reward yourself?
a. a quart of chuncky monkey ice cream
b. a nice soothing bubble bath
c. a trip to the gym
d. a visit to the spa for a mani and pedi

If a stranger looks at you, he or she would think..
a. you are 10 years younger your actual age
b. you are 10 years older than your age
c. you are your actual age
d. that you should be carded you look so young

On a given day, you wear,
a. a ton of make-up
b. a bit of lipstick
c. no make-up at all
d. enough make-up not to look dead

Which of the following would your teenage son's friends likely to say about you?
a. your mom has got it going on
b. I see your grandma, but where's your mom?
c. you have a mom? i never noticed her
d. can i get your mom's digits?

At the PTA meeting, you..
a. fit right in with the other moms
b. are frumpier than most of the other women
c. have been mistaken for the sibling of a student
d. are the mom that turns the other women's heads

You're child got invited to a pool party. You..
a. keep your clothes on at all costs
b. refuse to attend
c. don your skimpiest two-piece bikini
d. wear a conservative one-piece with sarong

When it comes to underwear, you wear..
a. nothing
b. g-string
c. thongs
d. granny panties
e. low-rise bikinis

take the quiz now and see if you're still a HOT MAMA! Click here.

source: mydailymoment.com all rights reserved

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