18 January, 2010

Four Warning Signs of a Cheating Husband

Probably one of the most hurtful things for a woman to discover is that her man is cheating on her.  It will hurt deeply and you may not seem to be able to face him. Women have strong intuitions when it comes to cheating and most of the time, they are not wrong. However, women are also afraid to know the truth.  A patient woman may pretend that nothing is wrong and will simply go on with her life with the hope that her husband will come back to her.  Nonetheless, there are women who are not afraid to face the truth and are ready to confront their disloyal partners. If you are this type of woman, you must know the signs of cheating.

Here are four warning signs of a cheating husband:

1. Obsession with Physical Appearance

The first warning sign would be in your husband’s physical appearance. Men are not generally vain in nature so if your husband suddenly cares about how he looks—how his hair falls, if he smells good, crumpled clothes as a no-no, etc.—you have a right to be suspicious. Your husband may suddenly takes too long in the shower when he used finish bathing after 5 minutes before.  He may also always make sure that he smells good before he goes out of the house. When your husband suddenly starts to shop for new clothes or new underwear on his own, pay attention.  This may be out of the ordinary, and is suspicious if this is a task a wife normally takes care of while shopping.

2. Cell Phone and Computer  Secrecy

The second warning sign could be a developed secrecy with respect to his cell phone and his computer. The moment your husband starts being protective about his gadgets and starts bringing them wherever he goes all over the house, he may be cheating.  A cheater will rarely leave his phone anywhere because that would give you the chance to snoop around.  And, cell phones are actually the best way to catch a cheater because you can see the numbers of who he has been calling.  Even if he already erased all the call register lists and the messages, there may be a chance that the other girl may text or call him while he is with you. When it comes to computers, he may change his password for his laptop. He may also create another e-mail address without your knowledge.

If you have the opportunity to view his cell phone, you may want to look into use of a reverse cell phone look-up service.  These will give you the name and address associated with a phone number.

3. Obsession with Exercise

The third warning may seem positive if you look at it in a different perspective but just as mentioned in number one, many men do not care about how they look. So what is the third warning?  An overly obsessive attitude about going to the gym.  Few men obsessively work out and work hard to create a toned body.  Perhaps your husband or boyfriend is exercising with a goal in mind–an upcoming marathon, enjoyment of general fitness, etc.  However, if there does not seem to be a goal in mind with this exercise, this should probably raise suspicions.

4. Strange Changes in Schedule

Does your husband suddenly have to be at work late many times during the week?  Does he suddenly have “work” on the weekends where previously this may have been rare?  Does he come home at strange hours?  Sudden changes in work schedule may signal an extra-marital relationship.  Pay attention to your husband’s demeanor when arriving at home, and ask about his day, and what he did.  Make careful note of his response, as it may signal insincerity or lying.

Some men can be sneaky even if you know the signs of cheating, so be sure to keep a careful eye on your man if you sense a change in behavior or relationships.

source: http://catchspousecheating101.com

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