10 January, 2010


Money talks, but talking about money can be uncomfortable. It's one thing to be discuss finances with your family or close pals, but quite another when a stranger loudly asks how much you paid for your home. If you feel that someone's intention for asking money questions is not a friendly or lighthearted, then you don't want to give them information.

When busybodies want the scoop on your finances, give them these clever come-backs instead!

Q: How much money do you make?
A: The best way to deflect money questions is with humor. Try "Not enough to buy that mansion going up across town!" For a more direct approach, "Sorry, I only discuss money matters with my accountant."

Keep your tone light, but your expression
serious. The look on your face should say, "This is not something I'm going to discuss further." The other person will get the message.

Q: How much do you pay for that?
A: How much responding with a questions of your own? Say, "Why? Does it look expensive?"

The key is in the delivery -- keep it light. The person is left not knowing if you paid a lot a lot or if it was a bargain.
And they don't need to know.

Q: How much are you giving?
A: The perfect response when you're enjoying yourself at a wedding is, "We're giving what we should have spent on a gift."

That is the honest answer, but it doesn't tell the the other person what have you spent on a gift.

Q: How much do you have saved for retirement?
A: The person is asking about money, but the other offense is that they're asking about the age too. Put the focus on the age issue by responding, "Why? Do I look like I'm going to need to retire soon?"

Laugh it off then quickly change the subject.

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