24 February, 2010

I'm a Proud Momma

This topic is kinda personal.

Now that I'm on my mid-30's, as I stare at my eldest daughter (Aimee), I realize how time really flies. Months from now, I already have a college student to support, alone. Whew!

Anyway, last February 12, 2010, Aimee joined her school's Junior-Senior Prom. My mom said, it shows that I was more excited than Aimee herself. I even set an appointment with the hairstylist/make-up artist one week prior to the said celebration, just to make sure we will be first on line.

I let Aimee decide on the things she will need for the prom, from the hair style up to the shoes she will wear. She said she doesn't want the traditional attire, cocktail dress or semi-gown for girls like her. She wanted to be different and then later showed a couple of photographs of her favorite celebrities.

"I want my hair to look exactly like this!" (Angelina Jolie on Beowulf)

"I want my eyes to look like this.. like an emo!" (Avril Lavigne)

"I want a dress and a pair of boots like this!"  (Myley Cyrus)

I said to myself, "Oh, the kids nowadays..."

Anyway, thanks to Hanz, the hairstylist-make-up artist I mentioned earlier, who was really a "down-to-earth-artistic-funny-loving person". I can see from his face how proud he was while staring at his "obra-maestra"..
"before and after"

Though not exactly what she wanted to look like, she really, really like the outcome!

And me, what can I say?.. I'M A PROUD MOMMA!!!


  1. I'm a proud cousin too!! :D
    and sometimes envy her for having a role model mom like you :P

  2. Thats a Good post...Proud Momma..Coz

  3. Nice!dapat maging pround ka nga sa anak mo^_^!


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