18 February, 2010

Is your husband flirting in the office?

When a woman flirts with your husband, this can be an annoying circumstance. Many times, women will flirt with your husband simply because they know that it annoys you. Sometimes, it really is not the husband who is flirting at work, but women make it look as if he is flirting. Then again, not all of you are blessed with a wonderful husband who doesn’t flirt at work or anywhere else. For those of you that have husbands who flirt at work, something seriously needs to be done.

Chances are your husband does not like it when you flirt with other guys at work or anywhere else, so he should not flirt either. When a spouse in a relationship flirts, in this instance, we are talking about a husband; it can lead to emotional distress. Your husband may have fun flirting, but you on the other hand are not having fun. If you seem to be in a relationship and the husband is constantly flirting at work and you have seen it for yourself (hearing rumors doesn’t really count unless they are from a well trusted source) then something needs to be done to stop husband from flirting at work.


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