09 March, 2010


What will you do if your 11-yr.old daughter has a SPOILED BRAT classmate and keeps on bullying her in school like..

(1) telling the entire class that my daughter is STUPID;

(2) sneaking on my daughter's things, e.g. reading her personal diary and broadcasting it's content to the whole class;

(3) posting messages on a popular website, stating that my daughter is slow and has no reputation

Some parents already talked to the class adviser and the principal as well. Their kids also had the same experience with the brat. All they got was an advise -- "It's not a big deal! Children are children. We parents and teachers are mature enough to make this as a big issue."

If I will summarize the teacher's response to the parents' complaint, it will be  -- "GROW UP!"


Please post your comments and suggestions..

Thanks so much!


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