02 March, 2010

Poverty in the Heart of Makati

I know my blog is supposedly about beauty and wellness. But this time, I can’t help but to share my insights about the municipality, particularly the neighborhood where I used to reside in the heart of Makati City.

Makati City is known as the “Central Business District” of the entire region since most of the multi-billion corporate businesses are situated in here and effectively had been meeting their objectives to their success. I believe this is one of the countless reasons why most of the politicians are so interested to take-over and manage the metropolis. I learned that P9-billion was the designated budget for the city. Imagine how much tax every establishment, corporation and businesses pay per annum, not to mention the inevitable “under-the-table” transactions (no offense meant). That’s a lot of money...

Anyway, contradicting these billions of revenue, I was asking myself, how come there’s still poverty? I took some shots of the people I normally see everyday. I learned that these families came from different provinces, went here in Makati to look for employment opportunities. They end up renting a small dwelling place near my apartment. They were about 40 families, trying to squeeze each other in a 100 sq. m. lot. Due to the undersized place they have, they were able to convert the street in front of their houses as their laundry area, bathroom and a place for siesta.

These are the typical scenes I witness everyday..

The mothers are side by side playing Bingo while their children are roaming around without a pair shoes or slippers.

The fathers and some youth are playing cards on an improvised small table, with several bills and coins placed in front of them.

These pictures actually speak for itself. Although Makati is a wealthy city poverty and unemployment are still soaring high.

In my opinion, the local officials should focus more on  livelihood programs and organize an effective family planning seminars for the parents.


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  1. It is true in most big Cities. Rich get richer and the poor stay poor.


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