21 May, 2010

Education is the Key to Success

Last March of this year, I was filled with joy and happiness when I stare at my daughter as she went up the stage to receive her Diploma, for completing her secondary education. I was taking pictures of her but my mind was picturing scenes of myself, reminiscing my own graduation. How time flies.

Two weeks after the said event, my daughter, and I, agreed that she will have her Tertiary Education to a University situated in Manila. It isn't a private school, it is managed by the government and is one of the best schools in the country. It produces highly-competitive students as it is proven by well-known personalities and critics as well.

A famous quote says, "Education is the key to success". I highly agree to that. But how come it took us almost two months trying our luck to be admitted in the said school? She really, really wanted to go to college. We have completed all the required documents. She also passed the entrace exam and the medical tests and have paid all the fees. Over and above, have spent a significant amount of money like transportation in going to and from the school; bought snacks for two, if we were caught and trapped in the middle of the long line during lunch breaks; and so on and so forth.

Just this week, I became conscious of what we were doing.. "Oh my, I forgot, this school is managed by the government. Students and parents should bleed first before making their success to enter the school."

So, what I did, I talked to several people, contacted old friends and colleagues, that somehow they may know someone that has a connection in the school administration that could probably help us. Finally, after two long months, I successfully enrolled my daughter in exchange for a lunch treat. I hope you get my point.

If you want something and you can't get it the conventional way, seek other ways. Although, I know it's unfair for the other students and parents, and felt guilty about it... well, life is tough, I need to save my ass first.

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