05 September, 2010

The Father Relationship (I)

There is an "inner child" within each of us and the need for a father's love.

Fascinating studies states that, often, in a divorce where father wins custody of the children, the children's school grades immediately rise. You might think it would be just the opposite. Psychologists say because the children have such hunger for their father's attention, for their father's help, and for the father's nurturing, that when they get in this type of situation, they immediately improve.

Today, we're facing crisis in the father relationship. One of the main problems is that the father is away from the home so much of the time. The mother shows her love because she is present with the child, generally hugging, touching, kissing and making physical contact. The father is often absent.

For more than 40 years of ministry in healing, Fr. Robert DeGrandis, SSJ, was convinced that the most crucial inner healing concerns the father relationship.

Let's hook an idea into each one of the letters of the word F-A-T-H-E-R.

F - Face
A - Affirmation
T - Touch
H - Home
E - Experience of Masculinity
R - Rebellion

[continued... ]
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