05 September, 2010

The Father Relationship (FACE)

The letter "F" in FATHER stands for Face, the face of your father.

Years ago, there was no such thing as formal sex education in schools. Sex education was taught at home, primarily by the way the father treated the mother, and the mother treated the father. The children absorbed those attitudes. If they were good attitudes, they had good sex education, and if they they were bad attitudes, then the children acquired negative feelings.

Every man wears the mask of his father. The son's idea of masculinity is based and built on his relationship with his father. In his inner self, he feels that every other man respond to him in the same manner as his father did.

Likewise, deep down within each woman, she may feel that every man will respond to her just as her father did. These feelings are deep within the subconscious, deep down in the psyche.

A woman shared that her father was uncommunicative and never home. This woman loves her husband but oftentimes finds herself yelling at him and unjustly coming against him. She didn't understand why until she began to "put two and two together" and realized that her unresolved conflicts with her father were being projected onto her husband.

Sometimes, you meet a woman whose father was an alcoholic and she said, "I will never have anything to do with an alcoholic." Yet, she will often marry an alcoholic. Lay people cannot understand why this happens, but psychologists would say that deep in her heart, her husband is the symbol of her father. She's trying to resolve the conflict in her father relationsip which was never resolved before.


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