07 September, 2010

Girl Dies in Scare Prank

Just came accros on my FB with this "Girl Dies" in a Failed Scare Prank video. It was so disturbing, although, there was a viewer warning note in the video and was rated 18 and up. Out of curiosity, I researched online, twitter, other facebook pages, and so on.
Here's what I found. Click here.
And this one is the original video. Click here.
It already hit 4 million views in youtube.

If the infos I got were correct, it was just a re-enactment. It was a video used in a court-case. The blonde girl was sued by the parents of her roommate. The girl who died in the said video is actually alive and actively tweeting and promoting her page in Facebook.

Cindy Vela, a South Texas born, American actress, model and musician. Presently in California, USA. You can see her on the movie "Meet Joe Black", "Desdemona", and few others. For more info about her, click here.

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