24 September, 2010

Life and Debt?

How would one live a life that is full of debt? Life becomes miserable if you stay in debt for your lifetime. There is no one in the world who would like to spend his or her lifetime in debt. A simpler life, a simple living and being contented of what you have may eliminate the word 'debt' in your vocabulary.

I have met and observed a lot of people who will do anything just to be noticed. tsk!
Why would you avail of a motorcycle that's been offered on a deferred payment when you know that your monthly paycheck is just a little higher than it's monthly dues? Why, because you saw your bestfriend roaming around with his brand new-shiny big bike?

Certainly, you have your own big bike. But, your expenses doesn't end in paying the monthly mortgage. What about the gasoline it will consume, the maintenance, the insurance and all? If you become hungry and short, can you eat your 'big bike'?

Why would you ask your boss if he/she could give you a one month advance if you will just spend it with your friends on your upcoming birthday? I know, it's because you want your buddies to see that you have a nice paying job.

Sure, you and your friends had fun. What if one of them believed that your boss was really that generous, and then that believer asked you, "We've been together in good times, my landlord wants me out for late payments?" Will you tell the truth that you are not expecting a paycheck this month because you wanted a fabulous birthday?

Just because your neighbor's son is studying in an expensive private school, why would you send yours to the same school though you know you can't afford it? How? Will you ask your relatives for financial support?

Say, your relatives declined your request for assisting you on your child's education, will you get mad on them and think they were so mean for not treating you as one of the family?


Jealousy, greed, discontenment...

these traits will make their lives miserable. They will keep looking on what's on the other side of the fence and will definitely do anything just to have the same. As long as they don't accept who they are and what they have, they will never achieve happiness.

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