31 October, 2010

Cremation or Burial?

This is not to raise any religious issues. I know most religions allow burial versus cremation, but apart from your religious beliefs, how do you want your body handled after you pass away? 

Cremation, while still a controversial practice is nonetheless widely performed throughout the world. 

For those who favor cremation, it offers the following benefits:
  • The entire process of cremation, whether or not it includes a service or just the incineration of the corpse, is far cheaper than burial, even though a coffin or container is used. 
  • For those prone to ponder the lasting appearance, the process of cremation offers a quick, purifying process. This helps people to banish the thought of the body lying for decades in the ground while suffering slow decay. 
  • The cremains, as the ashes are termed, can be kept at home in a fashionable container or urn, thus offering the family the opportunity to remember the loved-one on a daily basis.
Individuals favoring burial emphasize:
  • The sanctity of the human body and value the fact that burial keeps the body intact. 
  • Burial is less ‘final’ to its advocates and affords those left behind the chance to remember the person either at a grave site or vault. 
  • Funerals for those to be buried afford dignity and promoters for the burial process assert that the body belongs to God; let not man take it into his hands to destroy.

Cremation or burial?

This can only be answered in an individual's or family's conscience and beliefs. As for me, the body that is interred, will either slowly decay or burn rapidly, God will give all His children a new body, glorious and incorruptible to dwell with Him forever.


  1. Indeed, I agree. Nice Last Words.

  2. Nalibing na si Ate Loy, ano nangyari.


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