05 November, 2010

Database for Sale?

My partner is constantly receiving SMS from a certain SAM MENDOZA, asking for help. Read below the message she sent.

Puede po ba akong  humingi ng tulong sa inyo? I'm Sam, 21yo girl and freshgrad from Bacolod City. Gagawin ko po ang lahat ng kapalit na gusto nyo, matulungan nyo lang akong makapunta sa maynila. May job hiring na po kasi sana ako sa dyan sa San Mig-Ortigas, sayang po kasi kung madidissolve lang. I'm willing to take the risks ng kapalit na hihingin nyo. Yun na lang talaga pag-asa ko na makaluwas kaagad para mahabol deadline ko po. My TOR & supporting docs po ako sa www.girlinbacolod.tk-sam

After a week, the same girl had the guts to make a follow-up.

Ano? tutulungan nyo po ba ako (blah blah blah)...

Just lately, my partner learned that several of his colleagues received the same exact message. The mobile phones they're using were issued by the company. All were subscribed to Globe. Their mobile numbers are in sequence, they differ only on the last digits. We didn't buy this drama. I just don't know my husband's officemate's wives.

The text messages keep on coming and starting to irritate us. So, I searched the internet, and found out that this was really a Scam.

  • image file name is Ana.jpg (obviously a scam)
  • content shows personal info, TOR, credentials, stating a DOST scholar, etc.
Unfortunately, her name is not listed in the DOST Scholars. This is a very good scam that appeals to guys with a soft spot for damsels in distress. The person doing this most likely knows how a computer and internet works. Grammar usage is fine, so they're not stupid either. Website is forwarded so they definitely are experienced.

Here are other sites which are operated by the same scam.

I landed to a site and really got surprised to the large number of comments it received.

The people who posted their comments are all Globe Post-paid Subscribers. They gave infos of this SAM SCAM. They gave several mobile numbers which were used by the scammers:


This 'Sam Mendoza' is seriously persitent. And, almost all her targets are globe post-paid subscribers. How did she get the info on phone numbers since it seems she knows that the owners are guys. Hmmm, i'm starting to think that this is an inside job. If that's the case, somebody's getting paid a lot for this. I wonder, how much do these unscrupulous globe employees get by selling their database to insurance companies, banks and worse, to scammers like sam? Sad, really sad.

This scam will not only take your money, it might as well destroy your marriage.

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