30 November, 2010

Thank You, Doc (?)

Cosmetic Surgery -- it's major objective is to reconstruct or repair deformities caused by accidents, diseases, or birth defects. But for some, it's the best solution for them to look better and enhance their natural appearance - button noses, washboard stomachs, voluptuous lips, perfect breasts, face lifts, liposuction. Unfortunately, it isn't always the case.

Some people are slaved to cosmetic surgery. It's becoming an addiction to others, neglecting the fact that there will come a time they might get bored and wrinkled. Many who "refuse to age gracefully", still looks fine, would still go for a surgery. Even these hollywood celebrities, with all their money and connections, are sometimes victims of bad plastic surgery. Not only women, but men as well, are getting hooked-up to it.

Jackie Stallone

The mother of Sylvester Stallone, had a multitude of plastic surgery around her eyes, facelifts, lip injections, etc.

Donatella Versace

The sister of Gianni Versace and took over the Versace brand when the latter passed away. Botched: lips and facelift.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

A wealthy socialite who is said to have spent $4 million on cosmetic surgery.

Joan Van Ark

Dallas and The Knots Landing star
Hang Mioku

A Korean woman who become obssessed with face-jobs at the age of 28. She decided to take it upon herself to inject cooking oil into her own face.


Tara Reid
Breast augmentation, liposuction and face lift

Barry Manilow

Facelift in 1995, uppper and lower blepharoplasty in 2003 and additional facelift in 2006, as well as regular botox injections.

Carrot Top

Some people call him 'Scary Top' because his face looks so odd, his eyes arch strangely and his lips are huge for a guy.

Pete Burns
Undergone several cosmetic procedures, evidently on his lips.

Mickey Rourke
Six nose surgeries

Michael Jackson
Born as an African-American guy. His father nicknamed him 'Big Nose'. Couple of jobs on his nose; smaller jaws, narrower eyebrows, permanent eyeliner tattooed around his eyes, cheekbones, chin implant, lips, lightened skin.

As for me, God has given me this skin and I will never replace it with plastic. You can choose to disagree, but if you will look closely, cosmetic surgery is leading us to a society based on vanity. Vanity can't buy true happiness.

(images are consolidated from various sites)

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