27 November, 2010

What causes a nosebleed?

What do you do if your child has a nosebleed?

A nosebleed can be a very traumatic event for a child. They will often be scared and think something is seriously wrong with them because there is so much blood.

The first time they had these nosebleeding, I panicked and got so worried. Who wouldn't be scared seeing your children with so much blood coming out his/her nose? I searched online to look for answers. Here's one:

What do you do if your child has a nosebleed? Answered by Dr. Albright

As per my children's pediatrician, there's nothing wrong with my kids. The doctor told me that whenever nosebleeding occurs, my children should see me as calm as possible and reassure them that they are fine. Then, perform the steps on how to cease the bleeding. The doctor also recommends teaching them how to handle it by themselves so that if I am not around, like if they are in the school, they will know what to do.

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