22 December, 2010

Christmas in Manila

Three days before Christmas, kids wander all over the streets of Manila. These kids are hard to miss on a crowded place because they are often seen playing improvised drums in the streets. They would hop from one passenger jeepney to another to play music, hoping passengers would be entertained and eventually give them loose change. Parents are also in the streets -- begging. Their families came from provinces and ended up here in Manila because they believed they could have a better life here.

Scenarios such as these had caused debates among the government offices, non-government agencies and many 'law-abiding citizens' -- that the danger these kids are facing while hopping from one public vehicle to another; that instead of giving alms to these children, they should be sent to the orphanage, etc. etc.. That's indeed a long argument.

For now, do a little something to help those in need, the holidays are the perfect time to open your heart and "wallet" to give back.


  1. I feel sorry for the children especially over Christmas. Thank you for sharing and creating the awareness.


  2. thanks for viewing, nelie! followed you, too! happy sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing, I was just catching up on everyone's blog. So I am a little late... I always have that ache in my heart for the children less fortunate.. not only the children but for the families too.


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