02 December, 2010

Hinder - Lips Of An Angel

Lips of An Angel [Power Ballad]

The lyrics deal with a singer describing his feelings when his favored girlfriend from his past calls late at night, somewhat "pleasantly interrupting" his current relationship. More than once, a reference to the call being secret is made, and the singer expresses concern of a fight ensuing as a result. The song concludes just as it began, with the singer questioning to why she is calling so late, though the second (and last) time it is less literal and more figurative, with the underlying meaning "so late" not at night, but way too late in life; unable to continue the previous relationship. The song ends with the plot unresolved. Austin Winkler from Hinder said on American Top 40 that the song is not about cheating. According to a radio interview done in Atlanta, Georgia the lyrics are loosely based on an actual phone call incident that did happen. [source wikipedia]

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I love, love, love the song! Hinder looks like black-haired Kurt Cobain.
He's whispering on the phone, so as not to get caught. His voice is very sexy! It's kinda exciting and naughty, and brings back a lot of memories. Now that I'm older, memories are all that I have, so enjoy yourselves while you are young! (evil grin)
Nah, just kidding!

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