03 December, 2010

I Am A Woman

A woman is..
  • intelligent. She has the ability to decipher the codes of the male person and have found countless ways of both manipulation and exploitation.
  • resilient. She won't easily break down when faced with adversity or deception.
  • powerful. Although, always mistaken as weak, she can hold a collection of strong emotional feelings.
  • sympathetic. Especially with people undergoing sad situations. She gives way to tears when she witness something heartbreaking.
  • lovable. Despite the little male cooperation, she tenderly attends to her family's needs ahead of her own.
  • nurturing. She guides and corrects her children and best friends.
  • capable of motherhood and has the right to refuse of sex, even to her husband.

A woman is not..
  • a property.
  • a trophy as a stag mounted on a wall.
  • an irrational being incapable of reaching agreements, despite the menstrual cycle might inspire.
  • a slave having to serve the demands of her marriage.
  • a silent kitten, withholding wrath and taking abuse.
  • a hypocrite. She often reveals of herself, gradually enhancing her personality until she exposes her core
  • just me. She's your daughter, mother, friend, grandmother, aunt and every other female around you.


  1. explendit blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. Compliments appreciated! I'm now following your blog via google. You have very interesting posts and pictures! very artistic! keep it up!


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