12 December, 2010

Most Embarassing Date Ever

I had a bonding time with my daughter and her girlfriends nights ago. What's the favorite topic? Of course.. Boys!

I still remember the gals laughing out loud like almost peed their skinny-tight jeans when one of the girls shared her most embarrassing experience with her first date. Here's her story.

A cute guy in one of my classes asked me out for dinner at a trendy restaurant. Something about the food didn't sit well with me, and I needed to use the comfort room in the restaurant. After we ate, I made a beeline for the only comfort room in the restaurant, which was unisex. I knew that only one person could use it at a time, so I just let everything out. When I finished, I opened the door and saw my date standing right outside the comfort room. I tried to play it cool and talked to him about how the comfort room smelled weird. Judging from the look on his face, he definitely knew what went on in there.
Upon hearing this revelation, I likely would want to join the other girls from laughing out, almost rolling down the floor. When they settled down, I told them --

Why should you worry over trivial matters with your date and cover up the obvious with a really lousy excuse? However stinky, if you gotta go, you gotta.


  1. Hahahahaha..well...you did the right thing.It happened to me once and i tried to control it while at the dinner table.Guess what,an unexpected sudden gust of silent wind exited.And yes,the place was fully airconditioned..

  2. lol... i am so sure everybody does that silent-thing.. just too shy to admit it.. ha ha!!

    btw, thanks for viewing!

  3. LOL. would feel honored if he smelled it and yet would tell you "hey don't worry! I will do the same, I just wait for my turn" LOL LOL LOL!

  4. haha... sounds like you had fun with the girls..

    I agree I think we all do it ... and most won't admit..

    I would have to say, I have found myself in a couple relationships where the comfort level got so cozy, that he'd announce it!! I'd say "oh you have gas" :P

    Thanks for sharing

  5. thank you deb, for taking time to visit..
    take care! mwahh!

  6. Well as I have said to many female relations, and my daughters who have sought advice about whether they should get serious about a guy " Can you fart in front of him?"
    OK they thought that was terrible, but therelationships that have lasted are the ones where they have replied..."Yes".
    Profound wisdom.

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