16 January, 2011

Bitter Parents for Better Children

You are going through your day when all of a sudden you run across someone who does their best to get under your skin!

Last Monday, I arrived early at my son's school, half an hour before his class dismissal. I found a good spot, an empty bench fronting the school gate. There were also other parents waiting outside the school. Honestly, I'm not comfortable hanging around outside the school. The reason? My son is ranked as the First Honor of the class for four consecutive years. All eyes are on me whenever I'm in the school. I should be proud. But there are some parents who are not happy about this. You know, they will stare at me and whenever I glance at them, they will roll their eyes over me. One of them even said in a loud voice, "Her son is not the only student in the school!"

Sheesh! You really can't please everybody. I won't confront them because I don't have plans to go down their level. My son gets his school achievements fair and square, and I'm proud of him. If they don't like it, it's not my problem.

10 January, 2011

Remembering Ondoy

Looking back two years ago when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines on September 2009. I made this video and uploaded via the You Tube.

A slideshow of photos showing the severe damages caused by Ondoy's wrath, accompanied by the song "Masdan mo ang Kapaligiran", sung by a local singer "Asin". Millions worth of properties damaged. Thousands of families affected. Hundreds of lives taken.

09 January, 2011

Take It Easy

It is not surprising if problems come into our lives. It is normal to face trials and tribulations. Trials always makes us stronger. People carry their problems in different ways and "weights".

To have enough courage to face our problems, one must be strong, brave, brilliant, sturdy and as much as possible be a solid individual.

Never think that your problems are worse than others, so do not compare yours with them.

Don't let your problems control you. You should always entertain yourself so your mind will be at ease. Smile, laugh, be happy!

Think positive! Every problem has a solution. Always be calm and relaxed.

Count the positive things you have. Don't let your problems conquer your mind.

Sometimes, talking and sharing your problems with your loved ones or close friends can help ease your mind. Reflect on their advice and take the smartest solution.

If you are too weak to handle a problem, then you will think that you have the biggest problems compared with others. But, if you take it easy, the problems might not be as bad as they originally seemed.

Normal people have problems. Be happy and positive!

(I do not own the image -- copied from another site)

05 January, 2011

Ted Williams' Sudden Twist of Fate

It began yesterday as a viral video. A homeless man along Ohio's I-71 who used to solicit change from drivers. A sudden and lucky twist of fate, he's today's most in-demand voice personality in the world.

Ted Williams' roadside sign for help:
I have a God-given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you and God bless. Happy holidays!

Countless employment opportunities for radio stations, voiceover gigs and even the Cleveland Cavaliers were offered to Williams. A home, groceries, a car, a $15,000 and a $10,000 contracts were also offered to him.

People are naturally good. Hoping to help Williams get a break, some created a 'support page' at Facebook, and others threw videos at Youtube, had 6.2M views in 3 days.

We are all given big second chances in our lives. If we make mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance.

02 January, 2011

Arkansas Fishkill and Dead Birds, A Weird Coincidence?

Two 'mysterious' incidents happened in the state of Arkansas, one right after the other.

December 30, 2010, an estimated 100,000 dead drum fish floated in the water and lined the banks of the Arkansas River near Ozark. Officials said fish kills occur every year, but the size of the latest one is unusual, and suggested some sort of disease was to blame. The fish kill only affected one species of fish, just drum fish.

December 31, 2010, just before midnight of New Year's Eve, thousands of dead black birds fell from the sky in the town of Beebe, about 125 miles from Ozark. No other dead birds were found outside of that area.

Various reasons for the mystery have been put forward.
- that the birds showed physical trauma, and that the flock could have been hit by lightning or high-altitude hail.
- that New Year's Eve revelers shooting off fireworks in the area could have startled the birds from their roost and caused them to die from stress.
- that birds were not poisoned, similar events have occurred elsewhere and that test results usually were inconclusive.

I say, these two incidents are related... 
Birds love fish. Fish floating on water is easy to catch. Maybe something leaked out of somewhere poisoning the fish, hence, poisoning the birds. Birds feasted and later dropped.

or, they are not related, just a coincidence...
The bacteria or microbes that pollute the river were capable of harming only one species, the Drum Fish.
Then, the death of the birds has a relation with the tornadoes that swept through Arkansas and neighbouring states on December 31.

A very strange and very infrequent occurence, but not unprecedented. also happened over the Philippines January 29, 1945, and scared the heck out of some guerilla bands, on their way behind enemy lines in Cabanatuan. It happened in the middle of a dark night. Also black birds. It has to be some weather phenomenon.

Everything happens for a reason. Coincidence or not, let's just wait for the experts' official findings.