16 January, 2011

Bitter Parents for Better Children

You are going through your day when all of a sudden you run across someone who does their best to get under your skin!

Last Monday, I arrived early at my son's school, half an hour before his class dismissal. I found a good spot, an empty bench fronting the school gate. There were also other parents waiting outside the school. Honestly, I'm not comfortable hanging around outside the school. The reason? My son is ranked as the First Honor of the class for four consecutive years. All eyes are on me whenever I'm in the school. I should be proud. But there are some parents who are not happy about this. You know, they will stare at me and whenever I glance at them, they will roll their eyes over me. One of them even said in a loud voice, "Her son is not the only student in the school!"

Sheesh! You really can't please everybody. I won't confront them because I don't have plans to go down their level. My son gets his school achievements fair and square, and I'm proud of him. If they don't like it, it's not my problem.


  1. Hi April,
    It sounds like bitter rivalry to me. I know you must be proud of your son for his academic achievements; you should be.
    Just let the jealousy of others go straight through the sieve of your thoughts
    and down the drain, as I'm sure you will:)

  2. Hi, Debra!

    That's right! Those negative reactions actually motivates us to become more competent. I always tell my son to remember these famous sayings:

    Silence is the best answer for all questions;
    Smiling is the best reaction in all situations.

    Thanks for the comment, Debra! Take care!

  3. Hi, April!

    Just to don't mind them! There are really parents who are bitter and just can't accept the fact about their child. These people don't know the meaning of being sports. As long as you're fair in achieving those honors and recognition, I guess you don't have to worry much on them.

  4. April, interesting post I think it's something that happens all over, for many silly reasons the good ol rivalry, pops up everywhere. But I am shocked to see this behavior from adults, and as I remember correctly and please correct me if I am wrong, the government there actually honors children with higher academics and this is something that is sought out at a very young age. (right)Its a very high achievement for a family to have a child that achieves higher academics...

    I guess I am saying it's ok to be a proud parent and don't let them bother you... As I see you are already handling it with a great attitude.

    It's sad that parents would encourage that type of behavior, if they say that straight up to your face makes you wonder what they teach their children behind closed doors.

  5. @Debbie: It's really sad how other parents react on matters like this. I'm still hoping that our children will have a healthy competition in their class. As long as they don't make any actions that will upset my son, I will remain silent and let my son enjoy the rest of his years in this Primary School.

    And, yes, you are right. The local government supports the outstanding students of the school. Aside from the awards (medals and certificates), they also give cash rewards to the top 3 most outstanding students, held at the end of every school year.

    @Everyone: thanks for sharing your insights. Take care!


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