10 January, 2011

Remembering Ondoy

Looking back two years ago when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines on September 2009. I made this video and uploaded via the You Tube.

A slideshow of photos showing the severe damages caused by Ondoy's wrath, accompanied by the song "Masdan mo ang Kapaligiran", sung by a local singer "Asin". Millions worth of properties damaged. Thousands of families affected. Hundreds of lives taken.


  1. Thank you for sharing this, its sad to see people go through such hard times, It breaks my heart and makes me realize that my petty complaints are nothing compared to the many tragic things that take place daily around the world in other peoples lives.

  2. Its a sad thing to see natures fury when it happens.I`ve come to understand that 80% of it,is HUMANS quest for development.

  3. Agree with Debbie's comments. What do we have to complain about after seeing this? My heart goes out to these people.


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