11 February, 2011

The Buried Church

(A continuation of my yesterday's post -- Subic Bay, An Extreme Adventure)

Last summer, May 2010, my family joined an educational tour bound to Subic Bay Freeport. A visit in a historical church in Pampanga was included in the trip.

San Guillermo Parish Church is named after San Guillermo, the patron saint of Bacolor, Pampanga. The church was originally constructed by the Agustinian Friars in 1576. The church was destroyed by an earthquake in 1980 and on the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption, half its 12-m height was buried from lahar.

The structure is still being used as place of worship. It was already a world renowned tourist destination prior to the lahar tragedies. More tourists flock to the church which remaining features are being preserved and maintained.

Only half of the original facade of the church can be seen today due to the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. After the volcanic eruption, the town’s people painstakingly excavated the altar and relocated it under the dome.

What you see in the picture is actually the 2nd or 3rd floor of the church. The entrances or doors were originally the church windows.
This is my son viewing the outside of the church. He had to bend down to go near it.

(one of the preserved and maintained paintings)

I would definitely recommend the place to those who love to witness the historical places in the Philippines.

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  1. Thanks for sharing April, I love historical buildings, especially the churches, I remember my visit to Mexico, we did a some visiting of the historical buildings there which included many old churches. They are so beautiful, the history in them amazes me, I wished we built now like they did back then. (this is second attempt to comment, blogger messing up alot today)


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