20 February, 2011

Do you really have to tip people simply for doing their job?

It seems as though every store you go into these days has a jar on the counter for tips. Sometimes, you find this irritating and wonder If you really have to tip people simply for doing their job?

As tip is traditionally given for personal service, and the situation you describe involves little of that. So it's understandable that many of us feel annoyed and pressured by these ubiquitous appeals for a handout. But realize that a tip under these circumstances truly is optional (it's not with table servers, taxi drivers, manicurists or hotel staff). Most of the time I ignore the jars unless I've received super-sweet service, or I'm a regular, or I'm having a good day or feel a surge of irrational warmth for the college-bound kids waiting on me. Then I'll drop in my change and maybe an extra buck. Feel free-- but by no means obligated -- to do the same.

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  1. I agree April, I see it all the time here too. Like yourself I normally ignore the little jars. But I often walk away feeling a bit guilty or wondering if in this day in age are we "supposed" to tip sales clerks, counter help etc?


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