09 February, 2011

Science High Schools in the Philippines

Most Filipino students who began studying at private high schools are forced to transfer to public high schools because of the increasing cost of living and private school fees and financial distress. That’s why the number of applicants in public high schools is increasing every year. The number of pupils per class ranges from 40 to 60, some rooms even reach 70. That’s one teacher per class.

January 15, 2011 - High School Entrance Examination at the Manila Science High School (Taft Avenue/Padre Faura Street).
Parents were not allowed to enter the school premises. I was one them and we were patiently waiting for our children to come out. The exam was scheduled at 1pm up to 6pm.
Students started to come out. A mother managed to make a placard and raised it up for her child to see.

The official names of the public high schools are taken from the names of the town/city or its former Mayor.  But there is a type of High School in the country, the “Science High School”, wherein the teachings and facilities are very much advanced compared to a typical public high school. Since the lessons and trainings are far more advanced in these schools, aspiring applicants must obtain an above average grades in their 6th grade (primary/elementary school) then undergo “challenging” sets of entrance exam and some interviews.

On December 3, 2010, my daughter together with some of her classmates, took the entrance exam at the Makati Science High School. When she passed the test, mixed emotions were obvious on her face. She was very happy for making it but then again, there was some blue on her face when we cannot find the names of her classmates in the test results. While she was looking at the school’s website, I was trying to read her mind. Probably, she felt sad because she's going to miss some of those classmates who were also her close friends. As for me and my husband, this news was in fact a relief. Knowing that our daughter will be studying in one of the best public schools in the country, it prevented us from ‘touching’ our savings in the bank. As a reward for all her effort, we got her a brand new notebook.

A lot of good things happened to her when the test results came out. It made her more confident and her critics were hushed. Sounds good to me…  =)

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