10 February, 2011

Subic Bay, An Extreme Adventure

It's a hot day today. The heat made me remember of our last year's summer experience at Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales.

THE ZOOBIC SAFARI -- a 25-hectare amusement park, with exotic animals roaming in their natural habitat and surroundings of individual planes and native grasslands. It's a nice day trip for the kids and adults who enjoy encounters with the wild. 

TIGER SAFARI -- Full-Sized Siberian Tigers are roaming around the Safari vehicle. Riding along with us is a tour guide. The tiger-feeding experience is the highlight of the place. You have to buy a chicken (optional fee) and the tour guide will dangle it outside the vehicle. It is very exciting although a bit short, the tigers get so near you could pat it on the nose. You can really see the teeth! The 400-pound tiger easily jumped on top of our vehicle. The vehicle is fully enclosed in steel so you don't feel in danger.

ANIMAL SHOW -- featured wildlife of the forest. There, we met a variety of birds, bats, mammals and reptiles. All the guests were surprised when the host announced that they left a snake inside a bag, beneath the audience's seats (my son jumped up on my lap!). Of course, it was part of the show to add more thrill for the audiences.

THE OCEAN ADVENTURE -- the High Dive Show features International Champions in diving competitions. It was really fun watching them as if diving was really that easy.

The kids really enjoyed it. A very satisfying attraction and the wild monkeys playing on the access road definitely add to the experience. (more photos)


  1. Hi there April.Thanks for sharing this.I like it and would love to visit Subic Bay one day.

  2. Hi April! I'm Jorie, your kababayan... I am a travel blog writer and reading your post right now will definitely add this Safari on my list of places to visit in the future...

    Stop by my site and see if you like it though... Share some love by leaving a simple comment so that I will know that you have visited.:) Thanks!

  3. @norazam and Jorie: thanks for dropping by. hope to see you more often.


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