27 March, 2011

2011 Manila Science Admission Test Result

Here is a quick list of the Manila Science High School Admission Test Passers (MSAT) for the school year 2011-2012. The results were released on March 21, 2011. I believe, hundreds of students or maybe thousands, took the Entrance Exam and only the top 200 examinees are eligible for admission.

Successful applicants will be interviewed by the member of the administrative staff for classification purposes. Prior to the interview, the applicants will undergo physical examination to be conducted by the school physician.

Passers must report on the indicated date (8:00 AM) opposite their names for the submission of the requirements and interview. Passers who failed to enroll within enrolment period will be replaced by the highest scorer among the non-qualifiers.

1. Original Form 138 (Report Card)
2. Original Certificate of Good Moral Character
3. Laboratory - Chest X-Ray result, Urinalysis, Stool Exam, CBC, Blood Typing
4. One Long Plastic Covered Brown Envelope.

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