25 March, 2011

What Makes People Bitter?

Someone is angry, bitter, upset, jealous, mad, enrage and you just happened to cross their path. What will you do when you are faced with them and they are bent on taking their frustrations out on you? The anger is their problem, it's eating at them. It's not about you at all. How you choose to deal with the angry person can not only help you but perhaps even help lead the angry person to peace.

Option one would be is to run the other way. That's easy to do if you happen to be in a store or something of the sort. But not so easy if you are around the person often due to school or work situations or something similar.

Option two is to strike back with a vengeance. This is human nature. Our first initial reaction is often hurt for hurt. But this isn't right. Returning vengeance only makes you look bad, and it only puts a burden on your heart. The angry person is seeking love and acceptance, but often they are so filled with anger, bitterness, and jealousy that love has no room in their heart.

Option 3 is the hardest, that is to listen to the person and let them throw all the anger they can muster at you because the angry person isn't really striking at you to hurt you, even though that often happens. They are striking at you in hopes that we are strong enough to handle what they are throwing at us, needing someone not to run away, but to listen to them.

They are angry with their life and bitter about their life. They simply target you. They might be very jealous of you however. They are often jealous of the peace that you have. They don't understand how you can be so at peace and so joy filled when they are so filled with rage and hate and take it out on you. It makes them angrier because they want that peace. But instead of seeking that peace, they attack you even further, all in vain attempts to make themselves feel better, but only sinking themselves deeper into an anger filled pit.

It's admirable to want to help them out, but if they are too wrapped up in their hate to even realize how badly they are behaving, then the best way to deal with them is to walk away and let them wallow in the anger. Of course, there's always peace and joy waiting for them.

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  1. You got it right until the end. When there is grounds for bitterness, the only possible way of not being bitter is by having the ability to be delusional and ignorant. Unfortunately, some bitter people are too smart/moral to do this and thus always remain bitter. Therefore their only way of achieving any pleasure is by ruining other people's lives (even though this hardly fixes their own bitterness). It is a vicious cycle; the only way of getting rid of bitterness is by eliminating grounds for bitterness. In a contemporary sense, this translates to making the system more equal, for logically there is no bitterness when there is equality.


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