30 April, 2011

Hotter Summer 2011

Do you believe global warming is happening besides all the recent abnormal weather conditions in different places of the world? Uh oh.. I should never start a conversation with that word..

Anyway, these past few days, a higher temperature above normal has been recorded in Metro Manila. These times compared than several decades before, is really very much different that sometimes PAG-ASA, the weather bureau itself, cannot predict accurately the weather pattern that experts used to describe it now being "unpredictable" or "erratic".

On Easter Sunday, we spent our day in a spring resort in a Barrio in Bacacay, Albay. Once you plunge into the water, you wouldn't want to go out of it. The cold water offered comfort against the extreme heat of the sun.

Well, we ended the day having fun despite the painful red skin and sunburn. Summer 2011 is really hotter compared to the past years. As the weather bureau predicts, the temperature will continue to rise until next month.

No more outdoor activities for me and my family.

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