13 January, 2013

Soundless Voice

Your eyes are out of focus
Your breath slowly disappears
My love, you're slowly withering
Your time has come, I fear

You should have told me sooner
Of this disease you have
Who would have thought that later,
I'd lose the one I love?

The winter's getting colder
I wait for every spring
Even lonely in summer
To not have the joy you bring

My love, why did you leave me
Didn't you once say
That we are sharing one soul
In each and every day

Oh, God, please, if possible,
Give my voice to her
To hear her voice so beautiful
Sing happily ever after

Love, tell me if you're lonely
Tell me if you're sad
I'll always be here to listen
When all things there go bad

Tears run down my dry cheeks
Sadness fills my heart
"Take me with you!" I scream
Through death, we'll never part

I feel a sudden, sharp pain
You've taken your last breath
"I love you, Rin", I mumbled
And followed you on your death.

Poem 20 - Angela (Author)

Sonnet 1

You were the music, and I was the dance
Eternity, you could live without me
But minute 'thout you, I'm lost in a trance
How can I prove forever love to thee?
My love for thee is like a planted tree
Thou cut it; I give thee my wood to use
Even though I could never live to see
Another day, this is the path I choose
Though wheels of time turn, my love is endless
This secret love, never to be regret
Never be expressed and never professed
Unrequited love from the day we met
As long as I live, I offer my soul
To thee, my love, I give it to you whole.

Poem 19 - Angela

Silent One-Sided Unrequited Love

Poem 18
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Silent One-Sided Unrequited Love

A silent, one-sided and unrequited love
Is like a mirror without reflection
Like a chocolate without sweetness
And an art of no perfection

It's like a wedding without a ring
A love with no red string
It's like 'I love you' without 'you'
So please love me too

This love is very cruel
This love is so unfair
To see him look so happy
In someone else's care

Though it may seem painful
What others do not know
As long as the love is ample
You need not reap what you sow

As the obscure and distressed rain falls
This love is very ruthless
Like the vast and velvet morning sky
My love for you is endless

Shared Memories

Poem 17
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Shared Memories

Your voice was unclear as snow
Your eyes slowly close
I see a teardrop, though
And with the wind, your hair freely flows

You sing to me a familiar song
It was our childhood melody
You sing, "To me, you belong,
And so does our shared memories."

Then at my favorite part
You suddenly stopped singing
Fastly beating were our hearts,
You took my hand, saying

"Len, there's something I want to say,
Something important, something new.
I've been hiding it until today,
It's just that... I love"
You suddenly fell to the ground of snow
Consciousness fading away
You were still breathing, though
And your soul was fighting to stay

I tried to bring you to safety
But you shook your head, saying
"It's too late, I have little time... I love you."
And you left me there, alone and crying...

Red String

Poem 16 
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela. 

Red String

We were the two people at the end of the red string
Connected, yet the farthest away
You can't even hear me when to you, I sing
These songs I offer, day by day

I tried my best, but there's no other way
In return, you cut our string into two
I wish you stayed patient and waited for the day
The suffering you caused me, you have no clue

Should I blame you for cutting it too early
Or myself, for assuming, expecting too much?
Should I blame you for something I know so clearly
When I know, neither your love nor friendship exists as such?


Poem 15
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


Darkness surrounds me, like a devil's lair
Replacing the once warm light
Like a dying firefly's final flare
It fades into a pitch black night

Oblivion, oh oblivion
Why do you surround me with despair?
Oblivion, oh oblivion
Convince me that someone cares

Oblivion, oh oblivion
What is it you want from me?
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I beg you, please let me be

This sadness is too unbearable
This emptiness makes me cry
Is there no way to be able
To escape this prism of lies?

It's no use trying to find
An exit from this endless place
Soon, I might lose my mind
From running and running away

Oblivion, oh oblivion
I regret whatever I have done
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I have repented, so please be gone

Oblivion, oh oblivion
I'm truly deeply sorry
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I'm dying, why can't you see?

I guess I will stay here forever
Slowly rotting away
'Till the oblivion finally wavers
And lets me slip away.

Meaningless Existence

Poem 14
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Meaningless Existence

Apricot leaves rustle with the wind
And disappears, never to be seen
What is the reason for its existence
If it will vanish, as if just a dream?

I stare at the calm and still water
As the lost girl in the reflection cries
"If my existence is such a bother,
Then stop throwing such beautiful lies."

Why was this unneeded leaf born
Why do they pretend to love
When secretly, they show scorn
Laughing at the leaf from above?

Why do I not yet disappear
If this soul is but a nuisance?
Why did God leave me here
And develop this meaningless existence?

Slowly, this existence shall vanish
Forever gone and forgotten
No one will know of her languish
As the leaf withers and blackens

Her death will come and go
Like a dying mother's grace
Like a passerby they don't even know
Disappearing without a trace.

Living Legacy

Poem 13
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela

Living Legacy

Time stops on the verge of death
Everything is quiet, not even a single breath
Minutes were centuries, seconds were years
Nothing was moving, not even tears

I remember. You said our feelings were one
We shared the same pain, we shared the same fun
Our voices in sync, our hearts were both linked
The only way we differed was the way we think

I remember. You said you hated the snow
As much as you never want to let me go
I remember your eyes like the stars of the night
The only ones that gave me light

My reminiscence was disturbed, by a faint crying voice
You were shouting my name, crying over my corpse
I wish I could tell you to smile before I go
I wish I could take away all those woes

You whispered something, and made tears flow
Why, my love, I do not know
All you said were three magical words
Which violently turned my ending world

Finally my consciousness fades away
I shall leave this world, I shall leave you astray
Thank you for everything, please live for me
Because you are my living legacy.

Life of a Blind Girl

Poem 12
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Life of a Blind Girl

I feel the winter's cold breeze
I hear the trees slowly freeze
Today, I don't feel at ease
As I live with my disease

If only I could see
The heavy pouring rain
It's like they're speaking to me
Consoling all my pain

I've always prayed to God
To someday make me see
Take away this blindness
And then, I shall be free

But then, everything changed
In a summer's first daylight
A woman appeared and healed me
And said, in a smile so bright

"Your wishes have been granted,
Your prayers have been heard,
This is what you've wanted,
Now, give me, in return,

All of your emotions
Everything you've felt
From pain to love to hatred
All these, I will melt."

With this, she disappeared
And left me feeling weird
My feelings mixed together
But I had felt no fear

Soon, I had no feelings
Just like the woman said
But alas! I opened my eyes
Although, feeling were dead

I could see what my house had looked like
I could see the heating sun
But, I wanted to see my own image,
So, to the mirror, I ran

I stared into the mirror
And touch my face to see
If what I'm seeing is real
If it wasn't just a dream

But, suddenly, I wake up
And could not see a thing
Even though it's just a dream,
I wonder what it means?

How was I able to see?
If I was blind from birth
Oh, there's so much wonders
Here in this life on earth

After that dream, I lived
Back to my normal life
Several years later
I was an old woman, a wife

Now, I write this poem
To tell the children now
"Live no matter disability
And love no matter how."

Last Seconds

Poem 11
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Last Seconds

I liked the sound that the machine made
The machine that supports my life
I try to speak, but my voice fades
It ends: My life full of lies

I see you, sleeping, beside my bed
You must have been tired: tired just for me
It's too bad, I'm already dead
I want to touch this angelic face I see

I look around, everywhere's dark
The only light was from the moon
The only sound was the dogs' barks
Why did I have to die so soon?

Suddenly, a bright light appears
The room was lighted with candles
You were in front of me, eyes full of tears
Suddenly, I heard something ringing: funeral bells

I watched as you drop to your knees
And prayed in front of my coffin
"I love you, bring her back... Please!"
And committed a sin:



Poem 10
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


I hate the way you lie
Yet I still love you, and I don't know why
But no matter what you do to make me cry
I will never say goodbye

Though sometimes I feel crying
Or ultimately, feel like dying
But I'll never stop trying
Fighting the pain, even though you're always lying

I wonder if this is what they call
A one-sided love which will soon fall
The once sweet love is not here at all
It's now grown old, and feels so cold

Is this what has become of our once lifelong vow?
What is to become of the two of us now?
To live without you, I've already forgotten how
Are we just going to end it all with a bow?

This love is going nowhere
But somehow, it will always be there
Why is fate so unfair?
It never gives us care

Everyday, you're so cruel
Hitting me so mercilessly
Where is that shining jewel
Within you that I tried to take recklessly?

I try picking that jewel up once more
But end up getting my hand all torn
I place it down, before it loses anymore color
And giving up, I finally close the door


Poem 9
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


I hate the way you ignore me
Pass by me, as if I was invisible
I hate it when you can't see
All these feelings that make me breakable

The times you avoid me, I hate it
To know it's because of me
The fruit of my eagerness and selfishness
I want to go to the way we used to be

I wish I could read what you're thinking
To know what you feel when our eyes meet
So that I can fix my own feelings
And turn this bitterness into something sweet

I really don't know what to do
When I see you, my heart skips a beat
I forget that you somehow hate me
For my heart feels too complete

I can't say I'm sorry, either
'Cause I never even confessed
You just realized through noticing
These feelings I've never professed

I don't know when this will end
I don't care if you ever love me back
I just want us to return as friends
I don't care if I'm not on the right track.

I Love You Forever

Poem 8
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

I Love You Forever

As I drop to my knees
I think of only one thing
I don't care if someone kills me
The song we made, I shall sing

Even though you hurt me like this
You kicked me, stabbed me and punched me
You cheated, shouted and doubted me
I still hope in heaven, you will be

Now, it's time for me to go
It's time to stop being a fool
I may be dumb for loving you
You used me as a tool

But before I go,
I want you to know
Always remember,
I love you forever.


Poem 7
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


You smile at me, with your bright hazel eyes
We've held each other's hands
We're both so close, like thorns and its rose
But will these last, these friendship strands?

We've shared an umbrella in the rain
I'm your closest friend
Yet I love you, no matter pain
And this love is yet to end

I wonder if this is obsession
I wonder if all this is real
When I'm with you, my heart skips a beat
And my happiness would reveal

If only I could tell you,
"I have a problem, help me,"
You would ask, "What is it?"
I'd say "I love you,, why can't you see?"

One more thing I'd like to tell you,
Is that I'll always love you...

Feelings of Adoration

Poem 6
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Feelings of Adoration

I was waiting for the perfect moment
To talk to this girl God sent
I took one step, and forward I went
To the girl I've always dreamt

But then, my nervousness caught up
Down, it crept to my feet
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe
I felt my heart and its fast beat

Then, she went up to me
And showed an angel's smile
She greeted in a sweet voice,
"Hello, it's been a while,"

This mesmerizing, fine girl
Was my childhood friend
I've loved everything about her
And this love is yet to end

She took my freezing cold hands,
And gently placed on hers
She said, "We're going to stay here,
For Christmas, Mom prefers."

"So that means..." she continued
"We can see each other,
I have so much to tell you,
Because, to me, you're like a brother."

I remember, last Christmas,
I tried to give her my heart
But she misunderstood me
That year, we celebrated it apart

But now, we're back to being friends
We're back to the friendship we've known
I'll just cherish and stop it from its end
Who cares if I'm on the dreadful friend zone?

We'll just celebrate Christmas, remembering
Its true meaning: to give without expectation
For the meantime, I'll hold back until she notices
These feelings of adoration.

Eternal Flame

Poem 5
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Eternal Flame

An ethereal flame burns bright vermillion
Flares and embers count to a million
A glowing spark that melts the coldest of ice
A smokeless fire that almost never dies

Through day and night, it never wavered
By man or animal, it was not bothered
Even the purest rains couldn't put it out
It stood firm and alone, without a doubt

The wheels of time turn, yet the fire remains untouched
I, the watcher, saw that everything had passed
For more than a thousand of the Earth's revolution
The flame remained stable, and showed no change nor evolution

Giving up on searching on what could dim the bright light
I walk away from the flame, no more hope in sight
When suddenly, a miracle, a gust of wind's flight
Pushed the flame to fight with all its might

A sense of excitement crawled up my veins
Will the fire be defeated, will this be the day
It wavers, it wavers! It sways, it sways!
And finally, it falls, without delay

I watch as the flames crumble to dust
Defeated by the blow of the unseen gust
Forever vanishing into the lonely oblivion
It flows, forgotten through the endless season.

Close and Far-Away

Poem 4
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Close and Far-Away

You smile so carefreely beside me
As if I were someone else
That smile that kills me slowly
And locks me in this prison cell

You were going to tell me something
When everything went dim
I woke up and realized
That it was all just a dream

In my dreams, you never hated me
In my dreams, I was the one
In my dreams, you were all I could see
But I wake up and my dream is gone

Why do I feel so close,
So connected, yet so far-away?
Why do I water this rose
When I know it will wilt anyway?

Why do I still come back to you
When I know that you're not waiting
It's just than everything that I do
They only remind me of you

In the end, I know, I realized
That my heart belongs to you
If you ignore me, just give it back to me
Or give me a chance and love me too.

Bitter Petals

Poem 3
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Bitter Petals

You said that you still love me
Only, you needed space
But when you came back to me
You left behind the days

Now, all I hear are screams
Between the two of us
What happened to our dreams?
They're lost: they've turned to dust

As I gather the withered petals
Of what used to be,
What happened to our love?
There was nothing I could see

Why did I not understand?
These petals can only wither
They're gone: they've tuned gray in my hand
Like our love which has grown bitter.


Poem 2 
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


The fiery red sun sets
Disappearing into the horizon
It fades from red to dark blue
Sinking into oblivion

The day ends into darkness
Warmth turning into coldness
Love turning into bitterness
Happiness turning to sadness

Everything shifts to obscurity
I taste bitterness in my lip
I fall to my knees, shivering
Tasting the pain so deep.

A Sea of Doubt

Poem 1
Collection of poems created by my daughter,Angela.

A Sea of Doubt

Lost in a sea of thoughts
Trying not to drown
I search for the reason I fought
In the sea of ups and downs

No trace of land nor ship
I close my eyes, giving up
Then, a blinding light lit
Pulling me to the top

She was my friend, my savior
My hero, my guide
She was my mother, my teacher
The one I could confide

She taught me how to swim
Through the endless waves of life
Though sometimes, life is dim
She taught me to survive

Once again, I find myself
In the sea of unfamiliar crowds
This time I'll save myself
And soar high up the clouds.