13 January, 2013

Close and Far-Away

Poem 4
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Close and Far-Away

You smile so carefreely beside me
As if I were someone else
That smile that kills me slowly
And locks me in this prison cell

You were going to tell me something
When everything went dim
I woke up and realized
That it was all just a dream

In my dreams, you never hated me
In my dreams, I was the one
In my dreams, you were all I could see
But I wake up and my dream is gone

Why do I feel so close,
So connected, yet so far-away?
Why do I water this rose
When I know it will wilt anyway?

Why do I still come back to you
When I know that you're not waiting
It's just than everything that I do
They only remind me of you

In the end, I know, I realized
That my heart belongs to you
If you ignore me, just give it back to me
Or give me a chance and love me too.

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