13 January, 2013

Eternal Flame

Poem 5
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Eternal Flame

An ethereal flame burns bright vermillion
Flares and embers count to a million
A glowing spark that melts the coldest of ice
A smokeless fire that almost never dies

Through day and night, it never wavered
By man or animal, it was not bothered
Even the purest rains couldn't put it out
It stood firm and alone, without a doubt

The wheels of time turn, yet the fire remains untouched
I, the watcher, saw that everything had passed
For more than a thousand of the Earth's revolution
The flame remained stable, and showed no change nor evolution

Giving up on searching on what could dim the bright light
I walk away from the flame, no more hope in sight
When suddenly, a miracle, a gust of wind's flight
Pushed the flame to fight with all its might

A sense of excitement crawled up my veins
Will the fire be defeated, will this be the day
It wavers, it wavers! It sways, it sways!
And finally, it falls, without delay

I watch as the flames crumble to dust
Defeated by the blow of the unseen gust
Forever vanishing into the lonely oblivion
It flows, forgotten through the endless season.

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