13 January, 2013

Feelings of Adoration

Poem 6
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Feelings of Adoration

I was waiting for the perfect moment
To talk to this girl God sent
I took one step, and forward I went
To the girl I've always dreamt

But then, my nervousness caught up
Down, it crept to my feet
I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe
I felt my heart and its fast beat

Then, she went up to me
And showed an angel's smile
She greeted in a sweet voice,
"Hello, it's been a while,"

This mesmerizing, fine girl
Was my childhood friend
I've loved everything about her
And this love is yet to end

She took my freezing cold hands,
And gently placed on hers
She said, "We're going to stay here,
For Christmas, Mom prefers."

"So that means..." she continued
"We can see each other,
I have so much to tell you,
Because, to me, you're like a brother."

I remember, last Christmas,
I tried to give her my heart
But she misunderstood me
That year, we celebrated it apart

But now, we're back to being friends
We're back to the friendship we've known
I'll just cherish and stop it from its end
Who cares if I'm on the dreadful friend zone?

We'll just celebrate Christmas, remembering
Its true meaning: to give without expectation
For the meantime, I'll hold back until she notices
These feelings of adoration.

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