13 January, 2013


Poem 10
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


I hate the way you lie
Yet I still love you, and I don't know why
But no matter what you do to make me cry
I will never say goodbye

Though sometimes I feel crying
Or ultimately, feel like dying
But I'll never stop trying
Fighting the pain, even though you're always lying

I wonder if this is what they call
A one-sided love which will soon fall
The once sweet love is not here at all
It's now grown old, and feels so cold

Is this what has become of our once lifelong vow?
What is to become of the two of us now?
To live without you, I've already forgotten how
Are we just going to end it all with a bow?

This love is going nowhere
But somehow, it will always be there
Why is fate so unfair?
It never gives us care

Everyday, you're so cruel
Hitting me so mercilessly
Where is that shining jewel
Within you that I tried to take recklessly?

I try picking that jewel up once more
But end up getting my hand all torn
I place it down, before it loses anymore color
And giving up, I finally close the door

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