13 January, 2013

Last Seconds

Poem 11
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Last Seconds

I liked the sound that the machine made
The machine that supports my life
I try to speak, but my voice fades
It ends: My life full of lies

I see you, sleeping, beside my bed
You must have been tired: tired just for me
It's too bad, I'm already dead
I want to touch this angelic face I see

I look around, everywhere's dark
The only light was from the moon
The only sound was the dogs' barks
Why did I have to die so soon?

Suddenly, a bright light appears
The room was lighted with candles
You were in front of me, eyes full of tears
Suddenly, I heard something ringing: funeral bells

I watched as you drop to your knees
And prayed in front of my coffin
"I love you, bring her back... Please!"
And committed a sin:


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