13 January, 2013

Life of a Blind Girl

Poem 12
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Life of a Blind Girl

I feel the winter's cold breeze
I hear the trees slowly freeze
Today, I don't feel at ease
As I live with my disease

If only I could see
The heavy pouring rain
It's like they're speaking to me
Consoling all my pain

I've always prayed to God
To someday make me see
Take away this blindness
And then, I shall be free

But then, everything changed
In a summer's first daylight
A woman appeared and healed me
And said, in a smile so bright

"Your wishes have been granted,
Your prayers have been heard,
This is what you've wanted,
Now, give me, in return,

All of your emotions
Everything you've felt
From pain to love to hatred
All these, I will melt."

With this, she disappeared
And left me feeling weird
My feelings mixed together
But I had felt no fear

Soon, I had no feelings
Just like the woman said
But alas! I opened my eyes
Although, feeling were dead

I could see what my house had looked like
I could see the heating sun
But, I wanted to see my own image,
So, to the mirror, I ran

I stared into the mirror
And touch my face to see
If what I'm seeing is real
If it wasn't just a dream

But, suddenly, I wake up
And could not see a thing
Even though it's just a dream,
I wonder what it means?

How was I able to see?
If I was blind from birth
Oh, there's so much wonders
Here in this life on earth

After that dream, I lived
Back to my normal life
Several years later
I was an old woman, a wife

Now, I write this poem
To tell the children now
"Live no matter disability
And love no matter how."

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