13 January, 2013

Living Legacy

Poem 13
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela

Living Legacy

Time stops on the verge of death
Everything is quiet, not even a single breath
Minutes were centuries, seconds were years
Nothing was moving, not even tears

I remember. You said our feelings were one
We shared the same pain, we shared the same fun
Our voices in sync, our hearts were both linked
The only way we differed was the way we think

I remember. You said you hated the snow
As much as you never want to let me go
I remember your eyes like the stars of the night
The only ones that gave me light

My reminiscence was disturbed, by a faint crying voice
You were shouting my name, crying over my corpse
I wish I could tell you to smile before I go
I wish I could take away all those woes

You whispered something, and made tears flow
Why, my love, I do not know
All you said were three magical words
Which violently turned my ending world

Finally my consciousness fades away
I shall leave this world, I shall leave you astray
Thank you for everything, please live for me
Because you are my living legacy.

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