13 January, 2013

Meaningless Existence

Poem 14
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Meaningless Existence

Apricot leaves rustle with the wind
And disappears, never to be seen
What is the reason for its existence
If it will vanish, as if just a dream?

I stare at the calm and still water
As the lost girl in the reflection cries
"If my existence is such a bother,
Then stop throwing such beautiful lies."

Why was this unneeded leaf born
Why do they pretend to love
When secretly, they show scorn
Laughing at the leaf from above?

Why do I not yet disappear
If this soul is but a nuisance?
Why did God leave me here
And develop this meaningless existence?

Slowly, this existence shall vanish
Forever gone and forgotten
No one will know of her languish
As the leaf withers and blackens

Her death will come and go
Like a dying mother's grace
Like a passerby they don't even know
Disappearing without a trace.

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