13 January, 2013


Poem 15
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.


Darkness surrounds me, like a devil's lair
Replacing the once warm light
Like a dying firefly's final flare
It fades into a pitch black night

Oblivion, oh oblivion
Why do you surround me with despair?
Oblivion, oh oblivion
Convince me that someone cares

Oblivion, oh oblivion
What is it you want from me?
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I beg you, please let me be

This sadness is too unbearable
This emptiness makes me cry
Is there no way to be able
To escape this prism of lies?

It's no use trying to find
An exit from this endless place
Soon, I might lose my mind
From running and running away

Oblivion, oh oblivion
I regret whatever I have done
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I have repented, so please be gone

Oblivion, oh oblivion
I'm truly deeply sorry
Oblivion, oh oblivion
I'm dying, why can't you see?

I guess I will stay here forever
Slowly rotting away
'Till the oblivion finally wavers
And lets me slip away.

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