13 January, 2013

Shared Memories

Poem 17
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Shared Memories

Your voice was unclear as snow
Your eyes slowly close
I see a teardrop, though
And with the wind, your hair freely flows

You sing to me a familiar song
It was our childhood melody
You sing, "To me, you belong,
And so does our shared memories."

Then at my favorite part
You suddenly stopped singing
Fastly beating were our hearts,
You took my hand, saying

"Len, there's something I want to say,
Something important, something new.
I've been hiding it until today,
It's just that... I love"
You suddenly fell to the ground of snow
Consciousness fading away
You were still breathing, though
And your soul was fighting to stay

I tried to bring you to safety
But you shook your head, saying
"It's too late, I have little time... I love you."
And you left me there, alone and crying...

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