13 January, 2013

Silent One-Sided Unrequited Love

Poem 18
Collection of poems created by my daughter, Angela.

Silent One-Sided Unrequited Love

A silent, one-sided and unrequited love
Is like a mirror without reflection
Like a chocolate without sweetness
And an art of no perfection

It's like a wedding without a ring
A love with no red string
It's like 'I love you' without 'you'
So please love me too

This love is very cruel
This love is so unfair
To see him look so happy
In someone else's care

Though it may seem painful
What others do not know
As long as the love is ample
You need not reap what you sow

As the obscure and distressed rain falls
This love is very ruthless
Like the vast and velvet morning sky
My love for you is endless

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