13 January, 2013

Soundless Voice

Your eyes are out of focus
Your breath slowly disappears
My love, you're slowly withering
Your time has come, I fear

You should have told me sooner
Of this disease you have
Who would have thought that later,
I'd lose the one I love?

The winter's getting colder
I wait for every spring
Even lonely in summer
To not have the joy you bring

My love, why did you leave me
Didn't you once say
That we are sharing one soul
In each and every day

Oh, God, please, if possible,
Give my voice to her
To hear her voice so beautiful
Sing happily ever after

Love, tell me if you're lonely
Tell me if you're sad
I'll always be here to listen
When all things there go bad

Tears run down my dry cheeks
Sadness fills my heart
"Take me with you!" I scream
Through death, we'll never part

I feel a sudden, sharp pain
You've taken your last breath
"I love you, Rin", I mumbled
And followed you on your death.

Poem 20 - Angela (Author)

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