21 August, 2013


August 20, 2013

As the storm Maring and the Habagat Monsoon hang around for days, there was nothing else to do inside the house but to observe what these two weather disturbances will bring.

It was raining hard and it woke me up at around 2am.

At 8am, the rain showed no signs of stopping.

View from the second floor of our house.

View from the second floor of our house.

we put up a screen to prevent the floating garbage from entering the house

all the cars in the street left for higher grounds except for these two. we cannot find their owners.

CECE (the dog), our friendly neighbor, feeling comfy while watching the flooded street.

Hip-deep waters

few centimeters more, the water will come up the floor of the house

snails showing up, climbing on the gate

Children collecting plastic bottles and sell them on to junk shops

Relief efforts (canned foods) done by some barangay officials

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